on my machine this does not crash. however, it does crash, when you "create" the gem-window, close it with the mouse and then hit the "destroy" button.

okay ... ;)

"fullscreen" tries to go in fullscreen-mode with the current dimension of the gemwindow (and not that of the display). so if you make do [dimen 640 480, fullscreen 1, create(, your monitor should go into fullscreen-mode @ 640x480. if this is not possible (e.g. your dimension is 500x500 and hardly any hardware supports that in fullscreen), Gem tries to find the "best" available resolution as reported by the X-server. when it finds a suitable resolution which is lower than your current one, it will switch to that; X will then make a virtual desktop.

you can change the resolutions back with Ctrl+Alt+"+"

solutions: + specify the current resolution as dimen before creating the fullscreen window. + only specify the resolutions you really want in your xorg.conf

thanks - now I understand the behaviour ...

btw, i am quite happy with this behaviour, as it allows me to go into fullscreen mode and still access the pd-patch in case of emergency.

yes, that's true ...

LG Georg