B. Bogart ben at Sun Oct 26 15:38:18 CET 2003

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You have to send the (OSX only) message "secondscreen 1" to gemwin and it'll do the full-screen and the second screen stuff automatically.

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hi there,

i'm new to the pd and gem thing. so my first problem/question is, if it is possible to get the gem windows fullscreen on a second display? i tried some messages... but most of them didn't work. like "fullscreen 1" ,i also tried to move it with a "x offset -1024" on the other screen...



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[menubar 0(

to gemwin with the cvs version. otherwhise search for "orobor workaround" in the archives

Am 15.05.2006 um 12:01 schrieb kurt at


I was wondering if there's a way of getting rid of the mac menu bar when giving the "fullscreen" option to a Gemwin? I'm doing this on an intel mac-mini, OS X 10.4.6, Pd version 0.38.4-extended-RC8, Gem 0.90

kurtski ---


i am interested in fullscreen display on a macmini. is there another way to achieve this without the orobor workaround? i need it for a setup in a gallery so it should be easy to handle.

thanks for any hints


Am 14.10.2005 um 19:46 schrieb simon wise:

I recently ran a Gem patch for a 2 week season of a show using pd 0.38 on a similar Minimac without problems.

0.39 (Pd-0.39test2-extended-RC0 from Hans, Gem 0.90, Macmini 1.42, 1GB ram, OSX 10.4.2) seems to be stable as well - but pix_movie seems broken - it plays a very zoomed-in version of quicktime movies (all codecs that I have tried), on both the Minimac and my much slower old Powerbook (OSX 10.4.2). pix_film works fine. The rest of the patch seems fine.

openpanel also seems to stop responding occasionally, though only when I am testing things, never in performance - I think this is when I have a file open with textfile, then try to open the same file again with openpanel - but I am trying to isolate the problem a bit better.

The Macmini has been a great (and not expensive) way to run projectors except for one big problem - I only have clumsy workarounds to get fullscreen images to the single main display. Today I discovered the best yet - but it is still a mess:

OroborOSX has the option of "hide menu and dock" for a presentation mode, it also has the option to "interleave X11 and Aqua windows" so with Gem running fullscreen I switch to OroborOSX then use Expose (all windows) and pick the Gem window

-Gem is now the frontmost window -OroborOSX remains in focus so there is no menu or dock visible (and pd does not put its other windows in front of the gem window) -and the gem window does not get moved down (exposing its titlebar) as usually happens when the other pd windows are hidden or the Gem window is the last Aqua window open.

(all my control is via midi so I don't need pd in focus - but even using -nogui the terminal window stays in front of the Gem window and if that is hidden the Gem window is moved down to show its title bar).

It is clumsy, but it works.