First I followed the instructions from by installing the required drivers:

sudo aptitude install sun-java5-jre gcc-avr avr-libc libftdi0

Then, I got stalled by not being able to connect to the Arduino, it wasn't even listed in the Arduino-help.pd patch. After clicking the [list devices( message, all I got was:

comport: available serial ports:

	0	/dev/ttyS0

which corresponds to the built-in serail port of my Latitude D620 laptop, but in no way to a USB serial adapter.

Since the packages were all correctly installed, and I also removed the sometimes ambarassing brltty package, there was no reason it would'nt work except maybe if the module wasn't loaded properly. Since the following command issued nothing,

cat /proc/modules | grep ftdi

It meant I had to load the ftdi driver module by issueing the following command:

sudo modprobe ftdi_sio

I then got the following after listing devices inside the Pd patch:

        0	/dev/ttyS0
	4	/dev/ttyUSB0

Yeah! It rocks! Just had to connect to the fourth serial object...