• 6:18 PM

I ordered a demo 2gb microSD delivered with Ubuntu 9.04 and LXDE, stripped to the bone.

keyboard was setup to spanish, dpkg-reconfigure console-setup did the trick, beyond that, sound doesnt work, alsa source version differs from the linux headers (2.6.28-10 against 2.6.18-11 headers) in the repository, havent found the right repository yet, module-assistant barks at me. Maybe OSS already runs , no idea, haven't heard anything from the speakers .

Hdmi output works great, but i couldn't change the resolution, it stays stuck to 1024x768 with xrandr. Tried dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg to next to nothing results. The way to go must be editing the /etc/X11/xorg.xonf

I think I'll try and install ubuntu 10.10 net book edition as mentioned on their website next time i've got a free day.

I bought their case, no screws, and once shut it, i noticed there were no holes for the sound jacks, plus there is a good 2 centimeters between the jack and the box itself, so not easy to use in a plug and play manner.

  • 8:35 PM

Apparently, yesterday was my next free day, so, once Mathieu left, I tried to upgrade to karmic to cure all these (well that's my assumption) jaunty-related bugs , maybe even to lucid but the 2gb sd is not big enough to do-release-upgrade so i had to first remove lxde, gdm and all Xserver related stuff to make some room, then do-release-upgrade, and then maybe in a couple of hours, upgrade to lucid...

La vida es longa....

  • 10:27 PM

Actually, i fucked it up, i had to first upgrade to karmic but libc-bin kicked libc6's ass, since that, every single program segfaults, Tuned the power off, thought a little bit and decided to give meego a go, since it's the same system as my nokia n900 phone (Maemo and Intel Linux efforts recently merged), might be good too...

=> following this tut: http://labs.igep.es/index.php/How_to_get_the_Meego_distribution.

  • 11:50 PM

Alejo's comment:

''been following your share log, appreciated.

but ooohh man, i have here one beagle board, being what you got a bigger brother i can reckon all your research might prove useful to many. what i see a bit sad from such a portable and powerfull little beast it is the price.

i have to say i got tired dealing with the some many adapters to get it online, with video, etc, at least what you got is "all-in-one"... reminds me the gumstix..(still expensive hardware, and i do have one old vertex around)

buenas noticas las clases de español! aniara esta empujando para un encuentro en medellin el proximo año.

veremos que pasa.''

  • 01:07 AM

After downloading Meego's huge SDK, compiling all that python kickstart stuff, my laptop's HD got filled to the neck, either /root and /var have no space left, I feel tired, unplug everything and go for a nap.

  • 08:55 AM

On my next freeday, I'll give Geexbox a try!