I moved to the Pixelache office this morning, since I don't have any Internet connection at home. Had a conversation with John Fail, Solthrop's bookshop owner, an american citizen living for 4 years now in Tallinn, which generally amazes his fellow Americans. He also runs an art centre called Ptarmigan.


day2-melinda.JPG At lunch time, Melinda Sipos (video interview to come, stay tuned) and I shared our views on the difficult aspects of switching languages, for instance her ability to understand me and Nathalie from Pixelache speak French, which she coudl follow, but her incapacity to write or speak French, and me needing two days to stop hurting English too bad. That's the trouble with English, most of the time, that's the tongue you use with non-native speakers, and we all mumble some Eurotongue.


day2-judith.JPG Judith, Dutch artist living in Berlin (most likely also mumbling German), came in looking for waste for tomorrow workshop. She's been glad especially with coffee filters and the plastic wrappings!


crash course de Finlandais

And now, something completely different:

  • keskus signifie centre, comme dans centre du monde, à ne pas confondre avec kestus, qui signifie temps
  • sito est le symbole agglutiné/concaténé à une racine quelconque pour en constituer la forme négative.